Quotes I love this soap! It never dries my skin out no matter how many times I use it. I use the tea tree soap to wash my face everyday and it has really cut down on my acne. Great soap! Quotes
Andrea M.
Great Soap!

Quotes My two sons have suffered from eczema since birth. I used all different sorts of soaps and lotions just to get them some relief. Nothing seemed to work consistently. I have been using Birch Root Farms Goat Milk soap since September of 2012 and my boys have not had 1 single spot on their bodies since. I have been using this soap, not only as a body wash but also as shampoo for my boys and myself! It lathers wonderfully and washes off nicely. Quotes
Lisa T.

Quotes I would like to compliment you on your wonderful goat milk soap products. Every person in our family enjoys them for various reasons. My daughter had eczema and I was instructed to use a specific high dollar cream on her. The cream was not only expensive, but filled with chemicals. After using goat milk soap, the harsh and expensive cream is no longer needed. I love the soap for my son, because it keeps his skin hydrated. My husband loves the citronella soap. He glides the dry bar over his skin before golfing and the insects do not bother him during his game. My mother loves how your soap hydrates her skin, so much so, that the hand cream has been placed in the cabinet due to lack of use. My father uses the citronella soap to keep ticks at bay when working outside. He prefers this to the harsh chemicals found in insect repellent. I love the goat's milk soap for all of these reasons and more! Quotes
Cathern R.

Quotes This soap is WONDERFUL! It has a great scent without being "over the top". I first purchased them for my guest bathroom, but now it's the only soap in my house! It leaves skin silky smooth without that oily feel some beauty bars leave behind. They also make great sachets for drawers until you are ready to use them. I also LOVE the soap for dogs. Keeps his coat soft and fluffy, and smells wonderful for DAYS. Also does not irritate his skin and seems to keep fur from matting so badly( he is part Shihitzu). I will definitely be ordering again. Quotes
Laura M.